a drilling platform on a polish lake

Work Packages

Five complementary work packages are established according to the key research aspects.

  • Work package WP1 will focus on monitoring mainly hydrology and soil moisture as well as meteorological parameters.
  • WP2 aims at linking present day and future monitoring data with the most recent past through analysing satellite images. This WP will further provide larger spatial scales.

WP3-5 focus on different natural archives to obtain a broad variety of high quality proxy data.

  • WP3 Tree rings will provide sub-seasonal data for the last centuries up to few millennia.
  • WP4 varved lake sediments will cover the entire research time interval at seasonal to decadal resolution.
  • WP5 palaeosoils and geomorphological features also will cover the entire period but not continuously and with lower resolution.

Complementary information, like climate, tree ecophysiological and limnological data etc., will be provided by cooperation with associated partners.

Process understanding with monitoring

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